Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What an Amazing Run!

Today is a special day for me - it is my consulting team’s last day on our current project.  I have been working on this OI (operation intelligence) project for more than 15 months.  I do not recall being on a lengthier consulting engagement anywhere else. 

The project has indeed come a long way - several personnel changes, three reorganizations, and a complete management change-over.  I remember we started out with the inheritance of one DW.  Since then we have built and implemented a few more, and acquired a dozen more as a result of our more recent restructure.  (Yes, we operate as many disparate DW's as the systems we source from.)  Despite the increase in scope, we have largely maintained about the same level of resources this whole time.  I guess we are managing it somehow.

Nonetheless, it has been an rewarding challenge and a great learning experience.  I know what I am going to miss the most is the smart and driven people I work with. 

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