Monday, November 19, 2007

Files in RSTempFiles Directory

Nothing beats running into a production issue starting the work week. One of our SSRS servers encountered an assembly loading error early this morning – making the reports unavailable to our users. The error was caused by the fact that the disk it is running on did not have enough space.

It happened that the volume of the content in the Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.#\Reporting Services\RSTempFiles directory has grown over time and ultimately filled up the disk. Unlike SSRS logs (in the LogFiles directory), these temporary snapshots are not being cleaned up automatically. The "CleanupCycleMinutes" setting in RSReportServer.config appears to work only with storage in database – not file system.

In the interest of getting SSRS back online ASAP, we manually deleted the older snapshot files - reclaiming a decent chunk of space. Going forward, we will need to put in place a script or some sort to automatically and regularly keep the directory clean. Sounds like an action item.


Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a fix for this issue? we are experienceing the same problem...

Anonymous said...

Experiencing the same problem as well. Cannot find a reason why the temp files grow so big.