Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Infographic, The Arty Dashboard

I just can't get enough of infographics - they are visual appealing and informative.  They are designed to grab your attention, and more importantly to convey the right amount of information in a clear and concise manner.  If anything, they are simply cool to look at. 

I stumbled upon this one recently - it compares a few interesting stats on Blackberry and iPhone.  By the way, though not actually depicted, you can gather that iPhone has a greater revenue growth rate – especially in Q4.  And check out the beautiful collection from this social media firm and its thoughts on putting together an infographic.  

For me infographics are very much business intelligence at work for the masses - arty dashboards if you will.  I'd love to see this data visualization tool utilized within an organization - giving scorecard and metrics reporting an artistic appeal.   Until there is an automation tool or some sort with pre-built and stock graphics that are customizable, I supposed it is not going to be very cost-effective to build "infographical" dashboards or reports on a regular basis.   

P.S.  Here are some key concepts on what makes a good information design.

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